NSX - Service Defined Firewall

The Challenge

Protecting your core business critical applications from attack to ensure data is not comprised and remains highly available is one of the serious challenges today. The reason it is challenging is due to the fact that applications are made up of or connect to various end points, workflows, networks, users and public clouds.

virtualization data center

The Solution

VMware has become the digital fabric that builds the compute, network, and storage to support any device, any app, on any cloud. This creates a common control plane across any cloud, creating a truly secure and manageable hybrid cloud. NSX with its built-in intrinsic security solves many of today’s data center security challenges by supplying a single ubiquitous point of management for security across clouds. Enable your virtual cloud network to connect and protect applications across your data center, multi-cloud, bare metal, and container infrastructure. NSX Data Center delivers a complete L2-L7 networking and security virtualization platform providing the ability to manage the entire network from a single pane of glass.

27 Virtual | Security Success Stories

27 Virtual deploys and configures security solutions across this stack, primarily specializing in Intrinsic Security with NSX. We have implemented NSX intrinsic security across various use cases:

  • Production NSX micro-segmentation
  • DMZ Anywhere zero trust with NSX
  • Production zero trust with NSX
  • NSX third party service insertion with Trend Micro Deep Security
  • NSX third party service insertion with Kaspersky
  • NSX third party packet capture with Gigamon
  • NSX micro-segmentation of VMware Horizon VDI platforms
  • NSX micro-segmentation in IBM Cloud

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