27 Virtual Assessments will provide you with a comprehensive understanding and direction for your IT future. Organizations are constantly evolving through growth, down-sizing, new initiatives, and overall technology innovations. A successful IT system is very complex, multi-faceted, and simultaneously focused on various levels of operation. Our IT assessments will identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggest methods to boost security, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

NSX Virtual Network & Security Assessment (vRNI / VNA)

VMware Virtual Network Assessment (part of vRealize Network Insight) analyzes network traffic patterns within your data center. In 24 to 72 hours the assessment delivers:
  • Insights into the amount of East-West traffic in your network, which represents security risk
  • A preview of actionable NSX micro-segmentation recommendations for your network
  • Opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX

As part of the 60-day free trial, once you have completed the assessment, you can see the full dashboard and capabilities of vRealize Network Insight.

Why should I care about East-West traffic?

Traditional approaches to securing a data center are focused on building a strong perimeter to keep threats outside the network. However, little is done to once a threat is inside the network. East-West (server-to-server) traffic accounts for more than 80% of overall data center traffic, but it’s largely unprotected, leaving you at risk

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessments

The VMware Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment helps customers begin the process of moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment by identifying both the users and desktops which are the best candidates to move into a virtual desktop environment, and the order in which those user groups and desktops should be virtualized to ensure broad satisfaction in your user community and success of your desktop virtualization initiative.

The Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment service will:

  • Classify end user groups and determine your virtualization candidacy
  • Analyze your environment to determine readiness for a VMware Horizon rollout
  • Provide a requirements and recommendations report

Using industry best practices and in-depth experience in virtualization, 27 Virtual Professional Services consultants will work with your desktop virtualization deployment.

HCI | VCF Assessment

This online assessment provides visibility into how workloads impact each other and helps optimize the IT environment for the best path toward hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and hybrid cloud. Get started now with an assessment that is non-intrusive, runs offline, and makes no system modifications.

What does this assessment show?

  • Identify true business blockers from an IT Perspective
  • Bottlenecks in Day-2 IT Operations

Automation Assessment

27 Virtual’s experienced team of Automation architects and Engineers review your current infrastructure and day-2 operational procedures and integrations with any 3rd party CRM base applications or tools. We will hold an in-depth review of your current business requirements to ensure that the assessment focuses on an appropriate architecture for automation whether that is ITaaS, PaaS, SaaS platform, or for modern applications (Tanzu or native Kubernetes) and CI/CD pipelines.

What will this assessment uncover?

  • A better understanding of how IT can help the company achieve business goals
  • Uncover mundane daily tasks performed by the IT Staff
  • Determine current business processes and timelines and where they can be eliminated or reduced by automation

DICE Assessments

Is your company looking to digitally transform? Are you unsure of the cost vs saving as you plan to move forward on this journey? Are you considering a Hyper Converged Data Center footprint vs. traditionally complex and difficult to manage and maintain legacy solutions?

What will this assessment uncover?

  • Accurately forecast real actionable ROI data to prove the value to key decision makers.
  • Hyperconverged Software Defined Data Center or (SDDC) model implementation cost saving from both a CAPEX and OPEX perspective
  • Time to realize investment and long-term cost savings mappings

vSphere Assessment

27 Virtual will leverage the vSphere Assessment tool. The vSphere Assessment Tool plays a crucial part in any vSphere upgrade journey, providing insights into critical workloads that may be at risk from out of support vSphere versions. The vSphere Assessment Tool alerts customers to hardware challenges prior to a vSphere upgrade.
Preparing for an upgrade of any critical system within a production environment requires planning its architecture, its end state, and if the current hardware supports the upgrade. The vSphere Assessment Tool streamlines the process of identifying hardware components that may not be supported, or may require replacement to upgrade to the latest vSphere release.

27 Virtual is a TOP 50 VMware Partner and one of the only authorized VMware Partners that can leverage this amazing ROI tool set. Please reach out to us for your FREE DICE Assessment today and uncover the saving of migrating to true SDDC today!

Let 27 Virtual help you today with one of the following assessments:

  • vSphere Assessment
  • Virtual Network Assessment
  • Virtual Security Assessment
  • Automation Assessment
  • HCI/VCF Assessment
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment
  • DICE Assessments

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